People are the critical success factor towards sustainable growth of our company. To empower our people with passion and dedication in their work, CKE Manufacturing has been investing in the development of structure training programs so as to provide quality trainings in areas such as management techniques, technical competencies and subject knowledge. Our internal training is further complemented with customised external training program that our partners have developed.

Our collaborations with our partners, customers and research institutes constantly put our people at the forefront of cutting edge technologies. Through engagements, our team is empowered with good business acumen to make informed decisions and to lead project developments. We can further respond rapidly to our customers' ever changing needs, rendering them with value added services. Strong partnerships with various local and overseas institutions have also allowed us to tap on constant pipelines of passionate and talented individuals of high calibre. This enable us to recruit and nurture these talents to support our organisation growth and development in both existing and new markets.